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Transplants in Hartsville

Posted by on Wednesday, July 31, 2019
After becoming a mother, your identity changes. You can add the title "mom" to the list of credibility you'll always carry with you. But how does that change even more when you become a mother after you've just moved to Hartsville from a different city or state? Do you feel welcome? Does the city do a good job of welcoming transplants because our husbands or our salaries help fund their initiatives with our tax money? Aside from getting used to this identity, you're also trying to get used to a new 'normal'.

As a transplant, there is an eagerness to belong and acclimate with your surroundings. I feel like it's part of our survival instincts to try to conform; so that we can protect ourselves from judgment and allow our children to make friends with the neighboring kids. 

I hope that when you've reached this website, you'll know that I understand your struggle and your concerns. I hope that this website welcomes you and gives you a quick glimpse of what's there to do in Hartsville before you step onto the soil of this small city.

We moved to the Pee Dee area from California and lived in Hartsville for 1.5 years before we bought our home in Florence. And as of 2019, we've moved away from South Carolina but Pee Dee will always have a special place in my heart and I will return again. As the owner of, I've continued to pay my website fees so that I can continue to maintain the content here. It's always hard to adjust to a new area, especially at first. It takes effort and time to become more comfortable with our new surroundings. Since this website has been curated over the span of over 4 years and has helped so many moms, until I can no longer financially fund this website nor have the time to continue to gather information, I will continue to keep and fund this website so that the content will not be lost. All local pictures of Hartsville on the homepage, events page, Kalmia Gardens page, McLeod Farms page, restaurants page, coffee shops & bakeries and more were all taken by me because I've visited them and experienced them personally with my family.

I wish you and your family well as you enter into a new chapter in Hartsville. You'll find quickly that this small town loves facebook and most events and groups are created on there. While I was trying to get away from social media as a stubborn millennial, this town did not allow me to do that because many businesses skip creating websites altogether and post their events and business information on facebook and instagram and my initial hesitation towards social media prohibited me from getting plugged in. So, I decided to create this website in August 2014 so that those who are anti-social media can have a way to find more information in one place. So while facebook and instagram cannot be reached if they are doing hosting maintenance, this website will most likely still be live because I am not tied to them. I am on a different server. Come back to to check out new upcoming events or get a glimpse of what to do around here if you're wondering what's coming up.

Moreover, about a year after I've created my website, I caved and also have a facebook page: which ties with the website and have found that this facebook page has been useful for active social media users to find community events so I'm glad to be able to help more. 

However, if you're looking for a mom's group, there is a group called 'Hartsville Mom Squad" or something to that effect on facebook that is run by a group of local Hartsville moms (not me). Go find them. I've discovered that they are very easy going and don't have super strict rules like having to comment or like every so often to maintain as a 'member' there.

I hope you'll become more familiar with your surroundings and enjoy the quieter life of a small town. Good luck with everything and as always, I'll post any free Hartsville events as they come up on the Family-friendly Events & Activities page

Stay humble and kind. publisher, curator and owner

Intellifluence Trusted Blogger

Hartsville Mom As a veteran's wife whose husband works in the nuclear field, moving every several years seems to be part of our life path. We have lived in Hartsville, among many other cities. Getting acclimated to a new town means starting over each time for us and to help myself and my family, I do a lot of research on things to do and have compiled everything I've experienced in Hartsville here on I hope this will help you too.
Intellifluence Trusted Blogger
All the photos from the 'Restaurants' page, 'Kalmia Gardens', 'McLeod Farms and Museum', 'Coffee Shops & Bakeries' and 'Events & Activities' page on were all taken by me during our visits. They are my original content.

Find family-friendly things to do in Hartsville by going to the 'Events & Activities' page.
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