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Top 5 Employers in North Carolina

Posted by on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Top 5 Employers in North Carolina

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North Carolina is a relatively large state with a decent amount of people living it, as such there are a lot of potential employees. The area is also very diverse as there are major cities like Charlotte and Raleigh, but also large swathes of rural areas. The large and diverse workforce and demographics can attract many companies to do business in the area. This is why several major companies were either started in North Carolina or have some sort of large presence in the area. These employers employ thousands of North Carolina residents, and a large percentage of the North Carolina workforce work for them. Who exactly are these massive companies, and what type of employees do they typically hire? Here are the top 5 employers in North Carolina. 


Any North Carolina resident will likely be familiar with Spectrum, as it is one of the biggest cable companies in the state. Whether you own Raleigh real estate or an apartment in Charlotte, you likely have Spectrum cable in your home. Spectrum is an arm of Charter Communications, a company that recently acquired major cable providers like Time Warner Cable. Not only does Spectrum have a large local presence in North Carolina, but it also operates all over the country and is one of the nation’s leading cable providers. Spectrum has offices and locations all across the state and as such employs thousands of people. As technology and entertainment become more dominant in our lives, massive tech companies like Spectrum will continue to grow and ultimately employ even more people. 

Duke University Hospital

Duke University Hospital has grown rapidly over the years. What was once a small regional hospital is now one of North Carolina’s biggest employers. That is due to the hospital’s state of the art facilities and medical centers. The hospital employs thousands of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Nearly all of these employees have had some form of higher education, most of them for nearly a dozen years. This makes Duke University Hospital not only one of the largest workforces in the state, but also one of the most highly educated.

Bank of America

As one of the biggest banks in the country, Bank of America has a national presence. However, they have an especially strong presence in North Carolina due to their headquarters being in Charlotte. Thousands of Charlotte residents are employed by Bank of America, and many more thousands work across the various locations across the state. Having such a large company in your city does wonders for economic development, as it means many people will be employed. In addition, the workforce is pretty diverse, ranging from executives with college degrees to bank tellers who may not have graduated college. If you look at any list detailing the major North Carolina employers then you will surely find Bank of America on the list. 


As with any region in America, Wal-Mart has a major presence in North Carolina. As one of the biggest retailers in the world, it's no surprise that Wal-Mart is one of the top employers in the region. The retailer employs millions of people worldwide and has a particularly strong presence in rural regions. Jobs at Wal-Mart can vary, but they typically require only a high school degree or less. There really is no degree required to be a cashier, as it is all technical skill that you learn from training. This means that the bulk of Wal-Mart’s workforce consists of people who never went to college or never graduated. That being said, there are management positions that could require a college degree. 


Like Wal-Mart, Lowe’s is a massive retailer that is dominant in the global market. Lowe’s employs millions of people worldwide, and North Carolina is one of the regions they are most present in. This is due to the fact that Lowe’s was started in Mooresville, North Carolina and as such has ties to the region. Lowe’s gives back to its home region by being one of the largest employers in the area, employing thousands of people in the state. Like Wal-Mart, the majority of these employees have a high school degree or less. However, there are some management positions that require a college degree. 

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