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The Play Zone in Hartsville is a great indoor playground for kids

Posted by on Friday, July 6, 2018 Under: For Kids
In downtown Hartsville, there's an amazing indoor playground called The Play Zone, located between 5th St & College Ave! With slides, a ball pit, a treehouse loft (as I call it) and many toys for the little ones, the kids get to have an adventure, rain or shine!

It's rare to find a ball pit these days and The Play Zone is clean! Open Play schedules change month to month but they are usually from 10AM - 5PM. Open Play rates are $5 per hour or $8 for 2 hours. Check out their facebook page to see the latest monthly schedule:

With at least 4 slides from the treehouse loft, the kids get to play happily and the adults get to climb up along with them!

What you'll also find here are beautiful Disney-themed murals like these all around! Look out for their next Bouncing Babies class (for ages 0 -3) and Teeter Toddlers class (for ages 2 - 5)! Never a membership fee, you just pay by the class!

What's ultra special about The Play Zone is that they have Parents' Night Out where you can drop your kids off there with organized fun between 6pm - 9pm at a rate of only $20 per child. Pizza included! You'll have to call them at (843) 332-7513 to reserve a spot when they are hosting these special nights. They take kids ages 3 - 10 and may have limited spots for babies ages 1 - 3! 

The Play Zone hosts birthday parties on the weekends! They'll provide the space, table and chairs, at the bare minimum. You can find more information on hosting a birthday party and the packages from their website:

This business has been around for 22 years! I feel like it's been given new life with the recent change of ownership. The very first time we came here, my older son was not strong enough to climb the loft. That was 3 years ago and today, as a 4 year old, my first-born son climbed that loft and also helped my little 2 year old too. Open Play was a real treat! Come join their next Open Play date. You can also check out their website or facebook for the most updated monthly schedule: Address of The Play Zone is 125 N. 5th Street, Hartsville, SC 29550.

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