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How to Make a Diaper Cake - Easy Step by Step with Pictures

Posted by on Saturday, November 29, 2014
Being faraway from all of my close friends, I decided to step it up and make a personalized diaper cake and send it to my close friend for her baby shower. Everyone liked it! Here are step by step instructions with pictures of this beautiful 3 tier diaper cake. 
Diaper Cake made by for a Baby Shower

Step by Step Instructions: 
1. Collect all of your supplies ahead of time. For this diaper cake, I used Pampers Swaddlers Size 1 diapers. The reason why I used Pampers Swaddlers is because it's my favorite brand to use on my own baby. You can use any brand. I used 55 diapers total but it doesn't have to be exact. You can eye it to see what looks best to you. Also, get your choice of ribbons (I chose 3), a cake tray, 1 big bag of rubber bands of big and small sizes (they sell these all in one bag at the Dollar Store near my house), a toy for the center piece on the top (I used a Cookie Monster rattler for this) and another flat gift to add to the diaper cake (I used a bag of baby wash cloths here). Also, not pictured here, but you will need a glue gun or some type of glue to glue the ends of the ribbons on the cake later. 

2. Roll up diapers one by one and bind them individually with a small rubber band to place them on the cake tray. You start with the bottom tier first. I roll them up with the image facing in so the diaper cake looks all white. Luckily the diaper type I chose only had prints on one side. (Notice that the picture of the bottom layer looks like 2 layers from the picture below but it's actually just 1 tier as of right now. It's the reflection from the mirrored cake tray I bought.)

3. When your bottom tier looks big enough to you, use a a large rubber band to bind around the whole thing to keep it in place. You can always add a diaper here and there later in that bind if you want to make it look fuller.
  (Still just one layer (bottom tier) at this point. Ignore the reflection from the cake tray. 

4. Now, make the second tier. Make this one smaller than your bottom tier that you started off with. 

5. Now, work on your last tier (top tier). I only used about 5 or 6 diapers for this one. And add your toy topper so you can visualize where the center should be to add your ribbons. 

6. You can now add your ribbons. You can just use one color or use 2 colors like I did. (I used my third ribbon for just the plastic cover, optional in my last step.) I only used my glue gun to glue the ends of the ribbon to stay on the cake. (Note that I didn't glue it all around because I still want my friend to be able to easily take these apart and use them on her baby.)  You can make a bow if you want. I only made a bow for the middle tier. 

7. Last, slide your last gift on the diaper cake at the bottom tier to add a little more color. I used something that was similar in color (a package of blue baby wash cloths) but you can use whatever fits. 

You're all done! You can add a little pizazz according to your taste and personalized creativity. 

Now, this is optional but because I had to ship it off, I covered my diaper bag in a plastic wrap and put that inside of a big gift bag before putting it in a box with lots cushions to make sure it doesn't unravel. See my plastic wrap below. I tied a silver bow on the top as well. 

Total time it took me to complete (not including shopping for supplies) is about 1.5 - 2 hours. This is not including all the breaks I took to take care of my baby when he needed me. Have fun! I loved making this!

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