Over the weekend, we decided to dine at Black Creek Bistro. My husband found out about this restaurant through word of mouth from his work. It's pretty hidden and we've never heard about it. Researching online, we found out that they are only open for dinner time. Here is how the patio looks. 

Here is the entrance of the restaurant.

The exterior looks very welcoming and it's obvious that this was previously someone's home that was converted into a restaurant. When we arrived inside, we were greeted by a server in bistro attire. Very appropriate! They had a full bar and separate rooms for privacy as well. It definitely has a fine dining feel to it. 

I ordered the fish du jour since the special was ahi tuna and my husband ordered their lamp chops. Everything was cooked perfectly. My meal was $26 and my husband's was in the $30s range. I forgot the exact amount. Our meals were deliciously made but we will only be coming here for special occasions since it is in the higher end with prices. It's definitely worth the try if you are visiting in town! Address of the place is: 110 W Pinewood Ave Hartsville, SC 29550. 
(Ahi Tuna as their Fish du Jour)

(My husband's lamb chops from Black Creek Bistro)

This is the right place to go for a Valentine's Day dinner date or a birthday celebration. 

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