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FDTC is a good option for an Associate's degree or get a certificate

Posted by on Monday, March 2, 2015
I've been going through a dilemma for the last couple of years ever since I was pregnant. Not shortly after moving to South Carolina from California, we conceived. I was still looking for a job during that time and after I got pregnant, my husband and I agreed that I should wait after the baby is born to find a new job. There was no point for me to start when I would have to go on maternity leave months later. I also didn't know how long I would want to stay at home after the baby is here. Luckily, financially we weren't strapped. 

Well, once the baby was here, I realized how much I wanted to be home and take care of him. My husband also doesn't want me to go back to work because when he is doing shift work, it is too hard to split the responsibility of taking care of the baby. For the last year, I had the luxury of staying home and taking care of my own child. 

Now that my son is 1 year old, I have been researching into a daycare center so that he can go in twice a week to get some social time with other kids. I haven't found a daycare yet but now it got me thinking that I could use those 2 days to either go back to the workforce or go back to school to learn a new trade. There are plenty of classes at Florence Darlington Technical College (FDTC) that only meets twice a week. 

Anyway, I went to the FDTC campus last week to check out the school. While I was there, I took some pictures of the campus. Enjoy! 
(Fountain in the front of campus at FDTC)

(Fountain next to the 7000 building at FDTC)

(Patio area next to the 100 Building at FDTC)

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