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Games of Thrones Final Ending

Posted by on Monday, May 20, 2019
!!! Warning, Game of Thrones Spoilers !!!

I've just finished watching the Games of Thrones' last episode (Season 8, Episode 6) and I was really satisfied with the ending. I was not surprised that Bran became king. I was expecting Jon to kill Dany or vice versa because she became so ruthless and knows Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen and the true heir to the throne. I'm glad that we didn't lose Jon and that Drogon flew away with Dany's body. 

My Theory 
My theory is that Drogon, the dragon, took Dany's dead body to find a red witch who could possibly bring her back to life. I'm glad the ending left it at Drogon just taking her body and flying over the sea. It opened it to options that if in a few years, HBO wants to, a spinoff could take place where Dany could possibly return. Of course, she would become a different person. Like Jon, coming back to life after being dead could change one's perceptions slightly. I hope that would be the case. 

Respect to Tyrion
Watching Tyrion find the bodies of his twin siblings under the rubble was heartaching. He now has no parents nor siblings left in the world but stayed wise. He knows what's right. I'm glad he threw his Hand pin down in front of Dany. It was gratifying to me that Bran chose him to be his Hand in the end. Tyrion's had quite a sad journey and I'm glad he's the Hand of the King to Bran. 

Ser Brienne of Tarth's last words for Jaime
While Brienne has the history book of all the knights in her hand, she could have chosen cruel words to journalize Jaime's knighthood. However, she chose kind words, gave him honor and said he died from protecting his queen. I loved that she is such an honorable person and although he left her, she still recognized that there is a good side to him.

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