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Review and Pictures of Frozen on the Farm Corn Maze at McLeod Farms

Posted by on Sunday, October 5, 2014 Under: For Kids
(Scroll down to see more pictures below) Our family went to Frozen on the Farm at McLeod Farms earlier this afternoon. We've been to the McLeod Farms Store before but have never gone to any of their special activities. For the last few weeks, as we were driving around town, we've been noticing the billboards for "Frozen on the Farm" and it really got us interested. (Scroll down to read more see more pictures.)

When we drove there today, we immediately see Halloween and Fall themed decorations with a lot of cars parked. We bought our tickets at the table booth that they had outside and waited for the next tractor to pull us to the entrance of the corn maze. It was $8 per adult and our baby was free because he is under 2 years old. After getting in line, our wagon arrived and we were pulled to the maze. With beautiful sights during the whole ride, it makes me so appreciative to be here in Hartsville because it is so close to McBee, where the McLeod Farm is. It only took us 7 minutes to drive to the farm from our Hartsville home. 

When we were dropped off along with the other attendees, we lined up to get our names on their checklist and was handed a piece of paper with a maze map of the corn maze on one side and slots for stamps of Frozen characters on the other side. If you get all 4 stamps, you get a free scoop of ice cream. We can see how this can take us a really long time to complete. We were only interested in getting through the corn maze because both my husband and I have never walked through a corn maze before. 

I'll admit, we got lost a few times. Our son started falling asleep on my shoulder after a little while. Then, we finally found the exit! We waited under the shade until the wagon comes to take us to our next stop, the pumpkin patch. We can actually pick our own pumpkin straight from the vine! Amazing. See our pictures below. 

(The corn maze at Frozen at the Farm at McLeod Farms

(The ride pulled by the tractor to get to the maze.)

(The real pumpkin patch after the completion of the maze.)

We didn't get the free scoop of ice cream nor pull a fresh pumpkin off the vine, but the whole experience was just beautiful and memorable. We look forward to going again next year.

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