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Hartsville Mom's Daycare Search (With Pictures)

Posted by on Thursday, March 5, 2015 Under: Childcare
While doing some daycare searches online earlier this week for Hartsville, I realized quickly that none of them has a website and only 2 have a Facebook page. 

I didn't want to call any of them until I knew exactly whether they are located at a house or a business location with a legitimate sign. With my son in the backseat, we drove around the neighborhood to start exploring. Of the 8 places on my list that I found on Google, only 4 of them had a sign and/or a playground and in this case, those 4 places had both. (Scroll down to see pictures.)

To save you time, I'm posting the exterior snapshots of the daycare businesses that I've found during my drive. At the very bottom of this blog is also the list of addresses that I personally drove to but didn't find a sign/playground for as well. This search took place on March 3, 2015. (If you're only looking for a morning daycare, I suggest you look at a Mom's Morning Out and preschool programs. See the Hartsville list here.

Hartsville Daycare Locations:

Children's Corner Daycare 
143 Gardner Dr Hartsville, South Carolina 29550

(Children's Corner Daycare is located in a residential area)
(Children's Corner Daycare has an impressive playground)

Carolina Girls & Barefoot Boys Childcare Center
943 West Carolina Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550

They are actually one of the only places with a legitimate facebook page:
(This is the front of Carolina Girls & Barefoot Boys Childcare Center)
 (Carolina Girls & Barefood Boys Childcare Center's playground)

King's Kids Children Center
513 West Carolina Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550

 (Picture of King's Kids Children Center entrance. They have a playground but I wasn't able to take a full picture of it. It's not as exposed.)

Magnolia Child Care Center
919 South 6th Street, Hartsville, SC 29550

(This is the entrance of the Magnolia Child Care Center and it is located around a lot of residential homes.)
(This is the playground of Magnolia Child Care Center)

List of daycare addresses that I couldn't find a sign or playground when I drove around:
  • Thompson Children Learning Center
    1038 Ruby Road Hartsville, SC
  • A Kidz Place - 900 S. 4th St., Hartsville, SC (I couldn't find a sign or playground but they have a Facebook page:
  • Kid n' around Daycare - 508 Swift Creek Rd., Hartsville, SC (Had a Police Jurisdiction sign when I was there!)
  • Kids N Me - 521 Johnson Street, Hartsville, SC 29550
Update: A couple of years after this inital Hartsville daycare research, we moved to Florence from Hartsville. I ended up using a daycare business in Darlington called Kid Stop Daycare & Preschool because they were on the way from my commute to work and luckily had availability for both of my sons. I was so grateful for them because they offered a nurturing environment for my kids and were pro-active in communicating with me when either of my kids had any meltdowns. Here is Kid Stop Daycare & Preschool's facebook page. They are located in Darlington and is not too far from either Hartsville or Florence.

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