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Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra in toxic relationship

Posted by on Thursday, August 16, 2018
I usually don't form a strong reaction enough to blog about celebrities but reading about the past relationship between Chris Hardwick and Chloe Dykstra and her accusation that he emotional and physically abused her for 3 long years irked me. 

After realizing Chris Hardwick was not hosting Talking Dead last week, my husband was quick to say that there's an allegation against him. My thought was "since when"? From the time that Chloe Dykstra accused an anonymous past lover of abuse in an essay to when he got booted off was a very short time! This #metoo movement is powerful! I've never seen an accused not proven guilty get suspended from their job (although temporarily), but still! 

I love talk shows that dive into the thoughts and actions of why a certain character does what in a show or movie. I like that the Talking Dead show encourages fans to be critics and critiquing is cathartic to me. Chris Hardwick is hands down the best at hosting these types of shows that I've ever seen in television. He's sharp, analytical and emotionally empathetic. 

However, even though I think Mr. Hardwick is an awesome host, I still thought well, maybe he did abuse her but why? My first initial thought was, they were probably both at a dark time in their lives and were in a toxic relationship. If I did the math right, she was in her early twenties right when this happened? Do you know how many dumb things I did as an early twenty-something year old? Yes, I graduated college at 22 years old and got a career right away but that still didn't make me smart at picking boyfriends and healthy at relationships. I was good at destructing them! And it said somewhere that Mr. Hardwick just came out of a long relationship that probably traumatized him! 

Personally, I've noticed that half of the most successful people that are at the top of the ladder are very controlling and manipulative. Like I said, half not all. These controlling and manipulative beings are also very insecure about themselves but will never admit to it. Sure, maybe Mr. Hardwick is controlling. How else would he have such a successful and organized show without somehow being able to control it to be the best? Is a controlling person who is loud and clear about their opinions make them a bad person? It's hard to say. But you know it stems from insecurities. They are insecure and they can't trust OTHERS to do the job right because this insecure person measures their worth by how successful their job is and how other people who don't really know them personally (in this case, the viewers) value them.

Ms. Chloe Dykstra and her amazing name came into this relationship with Chris Hardwick with insecurities too. She sounds passive during that time and just allowed him do and say whatever he wanted. When you are young and new in a relationship, it's not surprising to not learn how to be assertive yet. She should have said something like "No, I'm a grown woman and I want my glass of wine with my dinner!" because she should have stood up for herself. Ms. Dykstra admitted that she could've walk away from the relationship at any time. He didn't have her physically locked up. Some guys are dumb in relationships. They don't know what they are saying and need some comebacks from their ladies to put them in check. However, the things she said he did like setting rules at the beginning of the relationship reminds me of nerd, Sheldon Cooper. It's comical to me and I don't even know why she stayed with him when he sets those rules 2 weeks into their relationship! She was probably really infatuated with him and very insecure about herself! But he needed help too, big time. They were just wrong for each other. 

Maybe he did abuse her, maybe he didn't? Either way, they were in a toxic relationship from the get-go. It was bound to end badly. So kids, learn from their mistakes. If a guy or girl set ridiculous rules about your relationship from the beginning, run away. 

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