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2015, New Year, New Outlook

Posted by on Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Happy New Year's Eve! I am ready to count down, are you? 

The Christmas holiday was busier than expected this year for us. My in laws came from Virginia and stayed with us for 3 days to celebrate Christmas. They love visiting us in Hartsville and taking a break from their busy lives in Virginia Beach. My husband and I cooked a turkey and the quintessential mashed potatoes and gravy and roasted green beens to feed 5 guests. I was happy we were able to host this year and it's helping me getting better at cooking for a large group too. 

Even though 2015 is still a day away, I feel that my outlook in life has already shifted. I truly believe that you always give a new town a chance for 2 years. If after 2 years, you still don't like where you are living, then move. It will be 2 years for us in the Pee Dee area in January and I really like living here.

The beginning was tough. Being from San Diego, I had a lot of friends and family that I left behind. I had to start over and not knowing a single soul out here took some adjustment and I adjusted after a long while. I started a new slate and for lots of reasons, it's nice. I was able to get a lot of peace and freedom from social obligations and start our family without unsolicited advice. We like figuring things out ourselves and being away from everybody, allowed us to do that. 

Initially, our plan was to just live here in South Carolina for 2 years so that my husband can jumpstart his career after the navy with Duke Energy. It seemed like the best option and a good way to start a new chapter after we got married. Now that our 2 years is almost up, I don't want to leave this place. How about that, huh? 

I like that we can rent a small 3 bedroom house with a fenced yard for only $650 a month. I like that everything is within 10 minutes away. I like that there is no traffic, no parties to attend every week and no distractions. 

I especially like that we are not financially strapped and have the freedom to travel on a vacation every few months. And I love that my husband gets 7 straight days off every couple of weeks so that he can spend more time with me and our baby son. 

I really love this small town. It's growing and although, I still don't have a lot of friends here, I still love it. I'm not the social butterfly so that does need a little work. I'll work on it in 2015.

Hartsville, this Southern California lady is here to stay. I look forward to the new year! I think our patience will pay off very soon. 

Happy new year!

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