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Free Food for Children During Coronavirus School Closing in Hartsville

March 19, 2020
The Darlington School District will be providing free food to kids for anyone 18 years old or younger at the locations on the Flyer (see below) during school closure during the coronavirus pandemic . Time to pick up these to-go breakfast and lunch meals are from 10:30AM - 1:30PM, Monday to Friday. Look for the school bus to get the food. Children must be present to receive food. 

Hartsville Locations for free food pick up for children include:
  • Hartville High
  • Hartsville Middle
  • East Park Apartments
  • South Park Apartments
  • Swift Creek Apartments
  • Centerville AME
  • Antioch Baptist Church
  • Lydia Trailer Park
  • Forest Ridge Apartments
  • Leesburg/Carolina Ave - Pull Off Area
  • Stoney Brook Trailer Park
  • Bethlehem United Methodist
  • Greenhill Baptist Church
  • Kay Branch Baptist Church
  • West Hartsville Elementary
For more information, refer to the flyer below or go to the Darlington County School District's website.

Darlington City locations for free food pick up for children between 10:30AM - 1:30PM (M-F) includes the following locations:
  • Darlington Middle
  • Darlington High
  • Mayo High for MST
  • Bowens Manor Apartments
  • Oakwood/Pepper Drive - Pull off area
  • Merita Bread on HWY 52
  • New Providence Baptist Church
  • New Vision Outreach Center
  • 1608 Elissa Dr (Softball field)
  • Dovesville Park (Old Fire Department)
  • 1005 McIver Road (Across from Fibers Co.)
Lamar Locations for free food pick up for children between 10:30AM - 1:30PM (M-F) includes the following locations include: 
  • Lamar High
  • Cambridge Apartments
  • Intersection of Lamar Highway and South Center Rd
  • St. Johns' UMC
  • 6140 Oates Highway (Fire Station)
Society Hill Location
  1. Rosenwald Elementary and Middle

Winter Attire in Hartsville

February 19, 2020
(Photo of Hartsville with snow on the ground taken by

February is the month of love, includes Lincoln's Birthday, President's Day and is when we would get our one day of snow every year (if at all). It has three holidays but they are really cold holidays. Burr.

Gloves, boots and scarves come out of the closet to keep our body warm. I also like to use the cold weather to accessorize my al fits and make an effort to bundle up if I'm going to the Magnolia Mall in Florence or take a trip to a mall in Columbia. Hello leggings and long shirts!

But if you're not feeling like going out, the kids still need gloves and scarves if they are walking to school. It also makes waiting in car line more bearable. Many times, my son would be so much more at ease when I hand him his gloves to put on in the car while driving to school. 

Places that I've found affordable gloves for the kids include Wal Mart, Big Lots and Amazon.

Cooraby 6 Pairs Kids Knitted Magic Gloves Teens Warm Winter Stretchy Full Fingers Gloves (Multicolors 1, 6-12 Years)

Deactivated personal facebook account and it automatically came back a week later

January 17, 2020
For the new year, I wanted to focus on the now and less on posting about my life on my personal facebook page so I 'deactivated' it. The initial thought was this ghosts my profile and no one can search for me or see my posts but I can come back whenever. Well, that is not exactly how it works because about a week later, it came back to life on its own! I knew this because I got a notification that so and so is having a birthday and the only way it would do this is if my profile is active again.

Well, I wasn't too sure what happened the first time so I deactivated it again! I thought maybe there was a glitch or something in the system and didn't see anywhere where it said that the deactivated button is only for a certain timeframe. Well, a week after the second time that I deactivated my profile, it came back AGAIN!

So, without doing too much digging, I guess facebook sets the parameters that if you're deactivating your profile, it only temporarily deactivates it for a week and then it comes back to life without even having to log-on. I don't think you can set it for longer than a week. That is not an option for the user. The alternative solution is to delete the profile and everything will just permanently disappear, which I don't want to do because there are some photos that I'd like to come back to that's stored there.

I deactivated the first time in December 2019 and then again in January 2020. Well, it's back live again and I don't feel like logging in and pressing the 'deactivate' button again. I'll just leave it be. Facebook is pretty smart. I think the chances of me having to log back in is higher when the deactivation only works for a short timeframe. Let's see how long I can go without logging in. Any guesses on how strong my will power is?

Hartsville Mom As a veteran's wife whose husband works in the nuclear field, moving every several years seems to be part of our life path. We have lived in Hartsville, among many other cities. Getting acclimated to a new town means starting over each time for us and to help myself and my family, I compiled everything I needed to see in one place on this website. I hope this will help you too.
All the photos from the 'Restaurants' page, 'Kalmia Gardens', 'McLeod Farms and Museum', 'Coffee Shops & Bakeries' and 'Events & Activities' page on were all taken by me during our visits. They are my original content.

Find family-friendly things to do in Hartsville by going to the 'Events & Activities' page.

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