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Best Places in Hartsville to Plan a Kid's Birthday Party

April 12, 2021
Hartsville has some great options to offer for a birthday party for your children. There are indoor spaces and outdoor spaces that you can take advantage of.

Here are my top 3 suggestions to plan a birthday party for your kids in Hartsville:

  1. Edventure Hartsville - Located in downtown Hartsville, this small children's museum has a private party room and a lot of play stations for the kids to roam around and enjoy. You can pick your party time and reserve using their online form on the Edventure website. The prices for their birthday package as of April 2021 is: $260 Non-Member and $225 if you're a member. This price includes:
    • 15 Kids/ 15 Adults
    • Private Birthday Room for 120 minutes/ 15 minutes set up time
    • Admission for Guests, for your 3-hour play session
    • Tablecloths
    • Downloadable Party Invitation
    • 10% off Gift shop purchase with EdVenture Invitation
    • My little ones really liked going to the Edventure in Hartsville and we had the opportunity to even come to their grand-opening party. See my pictures of Edventure Hartsville.

  2. The Play Zone - Located in downtown Hartsville, The Play Zone is an indoor play area for kids ages 0 - 10 years old. The prices for their birthday package as of April 2021, according to The Play Zone's website, is only $200 and it includes 2 hours of play time for 15 kids. They have two tables and chairs but you have to bring your own decorations. They'll help you set up and and clean up! I've taken my kids to this amazing indoor space many times. Here's my personal review and pictures of The Play Zone.

  3. Lawton Park - With a beautiful playground and a lake, you can't beat the scenery at this park. There are benches around the area that can easily accommodate a kid's birthday party. Click here to see my pictures of Lawton Park.
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DIY Kids Face Masks with Filters

April 15, 2020
Over the weekend, I made a couple more kids' face masks with the extra fabric I had at home. The kids' face masks have to be made smaller than the standard size or they will not stay on their faces, especially if they are very little. As I make more face masks, I've learned what has worked better along the way.

For this particular project, I made them for my friends' kids who don't have face masks yet. The sizes of my adult fabric face masks are typically 8 inch x 15 inch (I followed Hobby Lobby's tutorial). After sewing 3 or 4 face masks, I figured that the best fabric size to cut out for my kids' faces (ages 6 and 3 years old now) is 8 inch x 10 inch. That's the size that I used for my friend's kids too. 

When you fold the fabric to sew in half, it's the perfect size. Here are the pictures of the kids' face masks that I made.

I also made a filter slot in the back so that if my friend wanted to, she could slip in a replaceable filter for extra protection. The filter that I have been using is a Filtrete filter for a vent at home. I ordered it from Target because it was the only place I could find one at the time. 

Here's the exact Filtrete filter that I am using. It was really a pain to remove the wire out but it says it filters out over 99% of bacteria, allergen and virus.

Filtrete MPR 1900 16x25x1 Smart Replenishable AC Furnace Air Filter, Premium Allergen, Bacteria & Virus, 2-Pack

I cut them out in pieces and store them in plastic bags so that we may have them handy when needed.

For the kids' masks, I only added two pleats instead of three. You typically see 3 pleats in standard adult face masks. The pleats help expand the mask to cover over the chin better. See the last picture below to see how the Carolina Panthers face mask looks when I expand the pleat, if you were to wear it.
(before wearing it, you can't see the entire panther's face)
(when you expand the pleat, like you're wearing it over the face, you'd see it better.)

When you're using patterns with animal faces, it could look weird when you add pleats but don't worry, when it expands on the face, it'll look better.

For earloops, I used black elastic hair ties and trimmed it 3/4 of an inch off for the kids to fit the kids' faces more securely with the ones I had in my hair accessory collection. I find that not just any hair tie will work if you're sewing them on. It has to be long enough to loop around the ears and not too thin. Use your best judgment if you think the hair ties you have won't work. I bought some new ones online that I thought could work and they were just too short! Luckily, the old ones lying around worked out for me.

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Free Food for Children During Coronavirus School Closing in Hartsville

March 19, 2020
The Darlington School District will be providing free food to kids for anyone 18 years old or younger at the locations on the Flyer (see below) during school closure during the coronavirus pandemic . Update: Time to pick up these to-go breakfast and lunch meals are from 10:30AM - 1:30PM, on Monday and Wednesdays only. They are one week worth of food. 

Hartsville Locations For more information, refer to the flyer on the Darlington County School District's website.

Darlington City Locations Coronavirus Free Food Pick Up Locations
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