Hartsville Coffee Shops & Bakeries

Hartsville Coffee Shops & Bakeries

Coffee Shops in Hartsville

Midnight Rooster 

(This is an old photo from 2015)

Address: 136 E Carolina Ave, Hartsville, SC 29550

This is a classic favorite in Hartsville and is where I would frequent the most. They have great coffee and food. Located in downtown, it's a great place to socialize or just pick up a cup of coffee and stroll around. They have entertainment on some nights. They also have a great ambiance with unique decor. They changed ownerships a few years ago so the decor a different but service is still great. 

Starbucks Cafe (inside of Coker College) 

Coker College Address for Starbucks Coffee: 300 East College Avenue, Hartsville, SC 29550

Crema Coffee Bar(pictured is the black mocha frappe from Crema Coffee Bar)

Address: 136 W. Carolina Ave., Hartsville, SC 29550

Also located in downtown Hartsville, it promises entertainment at night and invites everyone in town to enjoy a place with free wifi while enjoying their coffee!

The place is significantly smaller than Midnight Rooster but the decor is more modern and bright. The quality of their coffee is pretty on point. To see more pictures and a personal review of Crema Coffee Bar, click here.

Bakeries in Hartsville

Griggs Circle Bakery

Address: 116 N. 5th St., Hartsville, SC 29550

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